Sidebar III: Electric Boogaloo

Presenting the Baruk-Khazâd Bastards!Baruk Khazad Bastards

The Baruk-Khazâd Bastards are known for their liberal use of bribes and Deathrollers, I should really get them a Deathroller… Baruk-Khazâd Bastards is also an ancient dwarven battle cry from the book I’ve been writing on and off, and certainly not some nonsense and a swear word…

I dug into my 4th Edition Dwarf Army Book for some runes, I don’t know how well they line up with current lore but 4th/5th is the version I knew best so that’s what I’m going with. Initially I was just going to use the alphabet runes on their back plates as numbers. (The numerical runes are severely uninspired…) Then I was thinking about doing a team emblem on the shoulder pad or some such. The rune for B is effectively B, and the rune for K is effectively K so having BKB on their shoulders seemed a little trite, and the runes didn’t sit very well together. So then I thought, well why not pick a magic rune that’s vaguely position appropriate. Further then, I managed to find 12 magic runes that were position appropriate and dropped the alphabet runes altogether.

Slayers have The Master Rune of Daemon Slaying and The Master Rune of Kingship (Team Captain) I’ve also tried to make them look slightly sun-burnt, with varing levels of success…

Blitzers: The Rune of Smiting and The Rune of Striking

Runners: The Master Rune of Swiftness and The Rune of Passage

Blockers: oh boy… The Rune of Resistance, The Rune of Stone, The Rune of Iron, The Rune of Fortitude, The Rune of Battle and The Rune of Warding. It’s handy that Dwarves are such an obstinate race, there are plenty of runes that are vaguely blocking related.

When I eventually get a Deathroller, I’ll either go with The Rune of Might or The Master Rune of Dismay. Feel free to express an opinion in the comments.

Finally I’m counting these guys for Azazels neglected mini September seeing as I got them in February 2017… They might not be my most neglected miniatures, but they’ve suffered a fair amount of neglect.

I will endeavour to take some better pictures…


Johnny… He’s missing an arm…

“What? No? Wait… isn’t he meant to be missing an arm…? You bastard!” Johnny


I got some prints off the machine, and proceeded to be an asshat. Good times, good times.

These guys are a little tricky because there are so many supports everywhere, clean up is going to be fun. They’re also slightly too big… mostly because I felt the cheerleaders were maybe a little small, so I made these guys a touch bigger, but when you’re dealing with teeny tiny minis a delicate touch can be too much…

I really must start getting paint on things, and finish sculpting the rest of the sideline staff…

A follow up visit

Dok&Vic HQ

Sexy renders abound!Dok&Vic 2 HQ

And from the other side, gives you a better look at the Dok’s bone saw.Dok HQ

I really like this pic of the doc all on his own, you can feel the insanity! (Even if his hands don’t really make sense without the patient…)Vic HQ

And the patient, you get a much better look at the fact that he’s got a black eye in this view, although really that’s the least of his worries…

Say: Aaaargh!

Dok & Victim 2

Diagnosis: Inconclusive….

I’ve finished my dok and victim patient. Pretty pleased with how these guys turned out. Gunna be a nice challenge for Johnny to print them, I do like to keep him on his toes…

I need to do a sexy rhino render of these guys when I get back to work, a) because it looks cool, and b) because it’s good for showing up flaws…

The Doktor will see you now…

Dok 1

I’m not sure if you have a choice in the matter… I haven’t posed his arms yet, this is because I need to model his victim patient first. But I got all excitable and wanted to put some pictures on the internet. I also spent far too much time modeling his trousers considering how much of them you see… Oh well I can put them to use else where. While we’re at it have a back view:Dok 2

He’s got his ever trusty bone-saw for those halftime alterations…

Feeling cheery


Cheerleaders hot off the press! I’m sure you’re all in awe of my photography skills, although it is deceptively difficult to take pictures of the clear resin. The eagle-eyed among you will notice I’ve take the texture off the pom-poms. This is unfortunately for technical reasons. I’m not sure if there’s a way around the problem, but for these guys I’ll just sculpt in some texture with a bit of the ever trusty green stuff.

Smells Like Team Spirit


Two post in one day!? I’ve been messing around with rendering, I have do idea what I’m really doing, but I do like the way these guys look all nicely rendered.

And the individual shots. Now I need a Head Coach and an Apothecary to round out my sideline staff.

Ready okay


Cheerleader number three! I’ve struggled with this one, it was surprisingly difficult to pose the legs. that said, I think I’ve achieved what I was hoping to with this extra girly pose.

I even did some rigging!Girlie Rig

I even used the automatic weights function. I think the problem I have with rigging him is a) I don’t know how to do it if automatic weights fails and b) because of his outlandish proportions it throws off the automatic catchment areas.

To get his legs rigged here I removed them from his body and rigged them as separate elements. There is potentially a way forwards here If I can break him into sections to rig separately and then hide the joins, which could speed up the process considerably.

I also found the button that removes the rig and leaves the mesh in the position it’s been posed in, which is necessary for exporting these guys for 3D print. And I’ve started messing about with the sculpting tools. Which are only useful on high poly mesh, so if I want to go down that road, a road that may lead to Lizardmen, I need to treat myself to a new computer…


Give me a- oooo…

Cheer 3

So I got bored of trying to rig him, and I’ve gone down the brute force and ignorance route. It might not be immediately obvious but he is intended to be doing the splits at ground level. The main question is, while he looks like he’s in pain, does he look like he’s in enough pain?

Update: Trying some things with his ears…

Cheer 5